Video: Flying Over Lindis Pass

by | Aug 13, 2017 | Videos

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Video Description:

After spending nearly a year in New Zealand, we’ve seen pretty much all of the seasons. Although the winters here are quite cold and the days are short, they aren’t nearly as bitter and exhausting as the Canadian winters that I’ve grown up with. Snow falls up on the mountains and at the ski fields, but rarely ever reaches town level, which means that the first snow that we actually saw and walked on this winter was on a recent trip to Mount Cook National Park.

We’ve been to Mount Cook in the past, but only in the summer. On this trip, we wanted to see the mountains where they were covered in snow and decided to head up when we had a few days off. Along the way, we drove over Lindis Pass and decided to get out of the vehicle at the summit. Because the summit is quite high, there was snow on the ground and dusted across the hills surrounding us. I never really get very excited about snow on the ground, and it’s usually around this time in the winter that I’m actually getting quite tired of it. But, with this mild New Zealand winter, it was pretty awesome to see and feel it crunch under our feet.

We decided to walk to the top of a small hill from the summit of the pass and I quickly flew my quadcopter around. It’s pretty hard to beat these views.

Music: Emancipator – Soon it Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires