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Check out the new Gear and Resources Page!

Check out the new Gear and Resources Page!

Check out my new Gear and Resources Page! I've recently been spending a bunch of time putting together a complete list of all of the main gear, equipment, tools, and resources that I use day to day for adventuring, editing, and of course, picture-taking. My goal is to...

Check out the New Zealand Adventure!

Check out the New Zealand Adventure!

Keep up to date on the New Zealand Adventure! Read the New Zealand updates here! In case you didn't know, my girlfriend, Hilary, and I recently moved down to New Zealand for a year to work and travel. I've made a page where you can keep up to date on all of our...

New trip reports available!

New trip reports available!

A bunch of new trip reports are now available! I've been busy getting caught up on a bunch of older trip reports to get everything up to date, but the good news is that it's all complete! In 2014, Hilary and I took a trip through Europe and spent a few days in several...

Photo of The Week

POW: Walking on the Edge of the Red Crater

DESCRIPTION   There is a hike in New Zealand called the Tongariro Crossing. It's one of the Great Walks of New Zealand and is really spectacular. While we were travelling across the North Island, we spent a day doing this hike. At the summit of the hike, where...

Did you know? I'm currently travelling through New Zealand for a year!

Follow along with my New Zealand adventure here...


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Video: Mount Cook – Tasman Valley Road

Video Description:

A few days after Christmas, we headed up to Mount Cook/Aoraki National Park for the weekend to do some walking, hiking, and exploring. On a drive out to Tasman Lake, we stopped at a roadside pulloff to try to capture the awesome valley with the drone. The terrain in the Mount Cook National Park is really incredible and in the video you can see how flat the valley floor is and the mountains seem to rise straight out of the valley. 

The New Zealand Christmas and holidays was a big change from being at home in Canada, but, besides not being with family and friends, I wasn’t complaining too much about the warm and sunny weather. It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without the cold and snow, but it’s a totally different experience to be out hiking in shorts and camping.

Music: Rictor – You and Me Somehow