There’s certain places that I go where I find myself wondering what it would look like from above. Thankfully, I’m usually able to answer those questions with the aerial perspective that I can get with my quadcopter (a DJI Phantom 4). This would be a perfect opportunity for me to insert something cheesy about “changing your perspective” or something like that, but instead I’ll just say that I think quadcopters are awesome!

This particular road is just outside of Queenstown on the way to a place called Moke Lake. As soon as you leave the main road on the way to Moke Lake, the road begins to climb quite steep in a series of switchbacks. From above, this elevation is compressed and the road acually looks quite flat but it’s only an illusion. I was having fun flying around and looking at the road from a few different angles when a vehicle started down it. It was a pretty creepy looking white van, not that it matters, and it gave the photo a bit more perspective.

POW: The Winding Road

Oct 8, 2017


Aperture ƒ/2.8
Camera FC330
Flash fired no
Focal length 3.61mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/125s
Title POW: The Winding Road

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