Myanmar Trip Report Posted! Get it Hot Off the Press!

by | Jan 24, 2018

The Myanmar Trip Report is Now Available!

Read the full trip report for Myanmar here!

Well this one was a struggle! There was so much that I wanted to say about Myanmar because it was such a special country, and I didn’t want to leave anything out, so it took forever to write. Not to mention that I had to write everything from scratch several months after visiting the country so I couldn’t remember a lot of the minor details. Luckily, for other countries like Thailand and Vietnam that we visited later in our trip through Asia, I made good notes, so here’s to hoping that they take less time to write!

And besides the writing, I had thousands of pictures to go through to pick out my favourites and edit. And being indecisive as I am, this took many many hours.

Anyways, I’m just complaining to myself here.

What I really wanted to say is that you can now read about all of the things that we did and places that we saw in Myanmar. It was by far one of my favourite countries that I’ve visited to date and it’s crazy to think that it’s still relatively new to tourism. This makes it a really great time to visit Myanmar, however, because it has a less-travelled and somewhat untouched feeling.

So head on over and check out our pictures and stories from Myanmar!

Read the full trip report for Myanmar here!